ITM colloquium Bangalore - 2013


The ITM has set out to organise three colloquia on the topic of neglected infectious diseases, including zoonoses.  The first was organised in Lima, in 2009, in collaboration with the Alexander von Humboldt Institute of Tropical Medicine and focussed on the Latin American region.  In 2011 the colloquium was organised in Johannesburg in colaboration with the Departement of Veterinary Tropical Diseases (University of Pretoria) and moved its focus to the NIDs and zoonoses of Africa.


For the 2013 ITM colloquium, the Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM, Antwerp, Belgium) joins forces with the Institute of Public Health (IPH, Bangalore, India).


" Health systems and control of neglected diseases in Asia"

  21 to 23 November 2013, Bangalore, India


The event will offer a platform for human and animal health researchers and professionals to debate on challenges and identify research priorities for the future.



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ITM - IPH Colloquium 2013 Call for abstracts
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ITM - IPH Colloquium 2013 First Announcement
ITM - IPH Colloquium 2013 First Announce
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ITM - IPH Colloquium Second Announcement
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