ITM colloquium Johannesburg - 2011



The Colloquium on Zoonoses and Neglected Infectious Diseases of Africa was a joint initiative by the Department of Veterinary Tropical Diseases of the University of Pretoria (DVTD, South-Africa) and the Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM, Belgium) in which the SNNDZ and its partners played a key role.  

The event offered a platform for animal and human health researchers and professionals to exchange experiences and debate common challenges in regard to the control of zoonoses and neglected infectious diseases of Africa.


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Johannesburg colloquium - 2nd announcement
The final announcement to the colloquium, including more details on the programme, relevance and expected outcomes.
Colloquium 2011 - SECOND Announcement.pd
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Johannesburg colloquium - programme & abstract book
This document is a digital version of the abstract book which was given to colloquium participants at the venue. In it you will find more details on the programme, the colloquium workshops and the presented abstracts.
DVTD ITM 2011 colloquium abstract book.P
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Johannesburg colloquium - press article (French)
This article, published in the Belgian Journal for Doctors, reports on the colloquium and covers some of the major topics discussed during the event. The article is in French.
2011 12 21 JdMédecin.pdf
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