ITM colloquium Lima - 2009



This colloquium, co-organised by the ITM and the Alexander von Humboldt Institute of Tropical Medicine, focused on neglected tropical diseases of Latin America. The burden in this region caused by helminth infections, Chagas disease, dengue fever and leishmaniasis, estimated at 1 to 5 million disability-adjusted life years, exceeds that of better known diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis or malaria. Nevertheless, the available information on neglected tropical diseases is limited due to a lack of investment and planning in human and material resources. Different disciplines of the health sciences should therefore join efforts to better understand and control these diseases.

This colloquium posed an important opportunity to focus attention on the considerable experience and achievements of many Latin American countries in the research and control of neglected tropical diseases. Particular interest was devoted to work that integrates clinical and epidemiological aspects with molecular biology, microbiology, human genetics and immunology. The overall objective of this event was to generate new insights that could contribute to the control of neglected tropical diseases in Latin America.



Lima colloquium - 2nd announcement
The final announcement for the 2009 Lima colloquium on NTDs of Latin America. The document contains further details on the event, including the scientific programme.
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Lima colloquium - abstract booklet
The abstract booklet of the 2009 Lima colloquium on NTDs of Latin America. This document contains the abstracts that were presented during the colloquium.
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Lima colloquium - executive summary
This document contains a summary of the colloquium's academic sessions, the discussions and the recommendations formulated during the event.
Summary 2009 colloquium.pdf
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