Workshop on Qualitative Research Methods - 2011



Nowadays, it is widely accepted that qualitative research methods (QRM) are relevant in health research. However, there are many myths and misunderstandings around what qualitative research methods can or should do. This workshop tried to provide an overview of how qualitative methods can enrich health research, in particular in the field of zoonoses and neglected infectious diseases (NID) research and control.

The workshop covered following topics:

  • when to use qualitative research methods
  • how to design a qualitative research methods strategy
  • how to complement qualitative with quantitative research methods 
  • how to work in transdisciplinary teams

Studies on zoonoses and NID were used to illustrate the use of QRM for (i) understanding contexts of diseases and (ii) for intervention research. 



QM workshop materials
This Zip-file contains the presentations, exercises and case studies that were used during the qualitative research methods workshop. You are free to use these files as you wish, but please make sure to reference accordingly.
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